About me

                Hi everyone! My name is Chelsey Baldwin & I'm a 22 year old with love for all things. I live in Wilkes County, North Carolina, & If you know anything about this county, then you know we're famous for NASCAR, Merlefest, & moonshine. What wonderful things to be famous for, right? haha! I still love my hometown nonetheless. I graduated from North Wilkes High School in 2010, & went on to the local community college, Wilkes Community College, & got my diploma in Dental Assisting in August of 2012. Ever since I graduated college I've been working a full-time job in a local dentist office. I love all things dental, but I also have a passion for beauty & photography. This is where my blog comes into play. My blog will be mostly on beauty related topics, photography, & a little bit of my daily life. I look forward to sharing my love with all of you!

I hope you enjoy my blog!

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