Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kat Von D Sinner Palette

Kat Von D Sinner True Romance Palette

    Hey Belles! I'm here today with another review, this one being on the Kat Von D Sinner True Romance Palette. I was looking around Sephora and saw this palette & remembered seeing some YouTube tutorials for it. So, I decided I needed it & made the purchase. First off I'll say, I really like this palette, a thumbs up for me. The colors are beautiful and so pigmented, which is what we all want in an eyeshadow, am I right? I feel like with this palette you can easily get a dramatic smoky eye, one with a "rock n' roll" feel. One that you could wear to go out to a club or if you're like me, & just love your smoky eyes you could make some looks that are daytime wearable. 

    First, I'll start with the packaging. LOVE IT! The palette itself is made of metal & has all these really 'rocker' designs engraved into it. It has a type of flower (not sure what kind?), a butterfly winged skull, & some lightning bolts & stars on the front, along with Kat Von D's name. The way this palette is made, I feel like would be great for traveling. It has a clip closing & seems really durable. 

   On the back of the palette, It has the the name of the shadows in order (which I'll get into later on) & the quote "A smoky eye adds an instant air of mystery", so true!

   Second, what's on the inside! GORGEOUS colors, & it even comes with a Kat Von D autograph pencil in the shade "Puro Amor". This palette is more on the darker side of eyeshadows. All these eyeshadows are shimmer, except for one, which is the matte black (Lucifer).

Shadows from left to right:
- Disco Dust
- Linzy-Jane
- Ace of Spades
- Violator
- Holy Bible
- Glock
- Dorian Gray
- Lucifer

   Name wise for these shadows, they couldn't be more on point with the whole vibe of this palette & with Kat Von D herself.

Swatches are vise-verse order as they appear in palette.

Above is a swatch of the autograph pencil in "Puro Armour".

   As for the autograph pencil, it's great especially for smudging. It has a really creamy texture, & super easy to glide on. 

   Cost wise for this palette its $36.00 @ Sephora. 
To me that's a pretty good deal for what you get. 
8 eyeshadows, plus the autograph pencil, which if you were buying that alone would be $9-10.00.

I hope you enjoyed this review & find it helpful if you we're thinking of purchasing this palette yourself.
If you'd like to see more about this palette click here.
& if you'd like to see a eye look with this palette, let me know below!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post. I really need to get some Kat Von D and have no clue why I have not yet.

    1. I really like her stuff! This is the only palette of hers that I own. I want the others too though! They are such pretty colors!