Sunday, February 9, 2014

20 Date Ideas

20 Date Ideas

    Hey Belles! So we all know that Valentines day is quickly approaching. Are you lost as to what you can do with your significant other, your honey bun, your sweetie pie? Well that's why I have 20 date ideas for you. Some that you don't even have to leave the house for or spend any money on, SCORE! 

1. Try a new restaurant - Go eat at a place you both have been wanting to try.

2. Ride around/Explore - Me & Adam do this a lot, we just ride around the parkway or drive around new places. So much fun!

3. Go Fishing - Nothing is more relaxing than sitting next to a river or a lake, plus you can talk about your future together.

4. Have a picnic - Pretty self explanatory.

5. Ice Skating - If you're near a place that offers ice skating, go for it! Even if you're bad, chances are they are too. So have fun making fools out of yourself.

6. Build a fort in your living room - I'd do this. We all have a little bit of our childish self just wanting to come out. 

7. Tv show marathon - Find a show you both enjoy and start watching a season. Me & Adam do this all the time.

8. Game night - Play xbox, playstation, or a board game against each other.

9. Go to a drive in movie - So romantic!

10. Watch scary movies - If you're into those kinda movies, I like them. Plus it gives me a reason to snuggle up to my man ;)

11. Netflix & some take out - Who doesn't love netflix & take out? I mean c'mon.

12. Go to a concert - Go to see your favorite band.

13. Have a bonfire - Roast marshmallows, hot dogs, etc. Just have a good time.

14. Go to your local fair - Play games & win tickets. Maybe they could win you one of those huge cliche stuffed animals, haha!

15. Have a photoshoot - I love pictures, & plus you can keep these forever.

16. Dress up & go out - Go to a fancy dancy place where you actually have to wear formal clothes.

17. Go to a bar/Clubbing - Hey, dance the night away. or drink. whatever floats your boat.

18. Weekend getaway - Go out of town for the weekend. Rent a cabin or stay in a hotel. Go explore and have some fun!

19. Trilogy movie night - Watch all of your favorite trilogy. 

20. Have a homemade dinner - Make them something good. Home made meals are always the best.

    I hope I gave you some inspiration for some fun date ideas. Just no matter what you do remember, MAKE MEMORIES. That's the best part of all! 

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  1. So many cute ideas! Love your blog It's always nice to meet another NC blogger. Can't wait to follow along!

    1. Thanks! & yes it is! Not many people blog around me, so it's always great when there is one nearby :)