Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day Essentials

    Hey Belles! Well as most of you may know, North Carolina is in the middle of the big winter storm Pax. In Wilkesboro, we currently have 10 inches of snow on the ground & it's still pounding down. So, with me not having a 4 wheel drive & my boyfriend being out of town for work, I'm pretty much snowed in my house until it stops or someone comes and gets me, haha! But I thought I'd share with you my "Snow day essentials" today. These are the things that help me not go so stir crazy during all this mess! 

Hot Chocolate - With extra marshmallows please! 

Fuzzy Socks - I have all different kinds of fuzzy socks. Some toe socks & some with cartoons on them. Who cares if I'm 21, I still watch cartoons.

Heated Blanket - A MUST. These blankets are amazing. I actually slept with it on last night. mmmm so warm!

A Good Book - I'm currently reading Ours to Love by Shayla Black.

My Camera - I LOVE pictures, & snow is so pretty and fun to take pictures in.

YouTube & Bloglovin - Okay, if I didn't have these two things, I'd go into insanity from boredom. I love watching all my favorite youtubers & reading my favorite blogs.

Comfy Sweats - I'll be honest, once I get home from anywhere no matter the weather outside, I strip off my "normal" clothes and I'm immediately in sweats. They are a must all the time.

Messy Hair - Yeah, I'm not fixing my hair to watch it snow, I probably won't even brush it, but that's pretty common for me. Haha!

My favorite movies & Netflix - Keeps me unbored, most of the time.

Snacks - Yep, girls gotta have her food.

The Sims 3 - I'm constantly playing this game.

Blinds Open - I LOVE watching the snow fall. So, I always keep my blinds open in every room so I can watch it.

What is your Snow Day Essentials? Are you in the middle of winter storm Pax? If so, where at? 

Until next time, 


  1. Great essentials! We don't get much snow around my area, we get badddd windy days. So you will usually find me reading blogs or catching up on YouTube videos.
    I love me some Sims 3! I can't wait for the new one to come out! LOL!

    xo, Lily |

    1. The Sims 3 is so addicting. We usually don't get this much here, but that winter storm hit us pretty good this year. But today, it's almost all gone! & I heard the Sims 4 came out? but, i'm not sure? I'll have to check it out if it has though! hehe!

  2. Those are some great essentials! Especially the hot chic, socks, and YT/Bloglovin! Would probably die without them! LOL! Great idea for a post!!!! :()

    1. Thanks! I agree. YouTube & Bloglovin are my go to things!

  3. Perfect ideas, I'm so sick of winter!! It's been terrible this year up in Canada! xx

    1. I hope it get's better your way! We don't usually get much of a winter but this year we got a little one. It's already almost gone today though, didn't last very long. Thank you!!