Sunday, February 2, 2014

Favorite Hair Products; February 2014

Favorite Hair Products; February 2014

    Hey Belles! Today I'm going to talk about my favorite hair products at the moment. I have extremely thick hair and it's pretty straight, naturally. So, working with it and styling it is almost always a hassle. But, these products have never let me down & are my go to's daily.

This is an extreme hold hairspray, and as heavy as my hair is, I NEED IT. This stuff doesn't let my hair move, and I love it. Plus it has optical brighteners for a more enhanced shine on your hair. SCORE! 

You can purchase this at Wal-Mart for $4.00

This is a heat protectant spray, and it is amazing. It smells so good & it kinda works as a hair spray too. This stuff lasts me forever. It comes in 2 fl. oz. & 8 fl oz.

You can purchase this at your local salon or their website for $20.00

This baby has saved my hair. I used to wash my hair everyday and never let it rest. I've tried baby powder and other dry shampoo's but this will probably always be my favorite. It does come out white, and they don't have any for darker hair, BUT it's still amazing! As long as you rub it into your scalp you'll be just fine!

You can purchase this at Wal-Mart for $4.00

I've already raved about this & you can see all about it here!

You can purchase this at your local salon or their website for $17.00

REDKEN Wool Shake 08
This is the BEST texturizer! This is probably my MOST FAVORITE product. It is a spray gel that has actually pieces of wool in it for texture. It makes my hair look amazing. I usually put it on right before blow drying, if I'm styling my hair straight. If I'm going for a messy look, I spray it on my damp hair and just scrunch my hair with my hands while I blow it dry. 

Sadly, they just recently discontinued this product! NO! 
I purchased this from my hair stylist for $18.00

There are all my favorite and most used hair styling products. I hope you enjoyed this & if you decide to try any of these products out for yourself, let me know how they work for you! 

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  1. I LOVE the Dove dry shampoo. And I also like Kenra as a brand but haven't tried the product u have by them. Will have to check it out. :()

    1. Dove is AMAZING! & yes you need to! It holds my hair just like hairspray and that's saying a lot for my hair!

  2. What a fun post! I really enjoyed reading about all of these products. I have tried the Dove dry shampoo but the Suave keratin works a bit better for my hair. Thanks for sharing dear!