Friday, February 7, 2014

The ABC's of me!

    Hey Belles! I've seen this post going around on quite a few different blogs, & I've decided I would like to join in! I know a lot of my followers don't know much about me, except my name, that I love beauty, & my favorite color is orange (hence all the orange on my blog), hehe. So, enough of my jibber jabber, let's jump on into the ABC's of me! 

A - Age: 21

B - Birthday: October 10th

C - Color: Orange! 

D - Drink: Pepsi, my absolute weakness. 

E - Eyes: Blue

F Flashback: High school, how I miss my old friends, just not all the work, bleh! 

G - Gent: My amazing boyfriend of almost 3 years, Adam.

H - Hobby: Blogging, photography, & the Sims 3.

- Indulgence: Owls & Makeup! 

J Job: Certified Dental Assistant.

K - Kiddos: Not currently, but in the next few years.

L - Love: Family, friends, & my amazing boyfriend.

M - Music: Mostly country, some pop.

N - Nickname: Belle & Chels.

O - One Wish: To live a long healthy life.

P - Pets: None at the moment.

Q - Quote: "No girl should ever forget, that she doesn't need anyone that doesn't need her." - Marilyn Monroe

R - Residence: With my Adam, in good ol' North Carolina!

S - Siblings: One brother, Wesley. & two sisters, MaKylie, & Lindsey.

T - Temperature: It's 46 degrees today in NC.

U - University: Didn't go to one, I went to our local community college.

V - Vehicle: Black Hyundai Veloster. 

W - Worst Habit: Stressing over things I have no control over.

X - X-ray: Last one was when they took one during my gallbladder surgery back in November, 2013.

Y - Yuck: Mostly anything with black or eye beady eyes, EW!

Z - Zodiac: Libra.

    I hope you all enjoyed by ABC's of me! I would love to know more about you guys as well. If you decide to do this post, let me know below so I can learn about you! 

Until next time,


  1. Tag posts are so much fun & you get to learn so much about the blogger :)

  2. This tag was terribly cute! I really enjoyed it. Super cute pic of you and the gent!! Thanks for sharing with us dear.

  3. What a sweet tag- I truly enjoyed your answers!!! XOXO, Sissi