Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January Favorites

January Favorites; 2014

    Hey Belles! I'm going to share my favorites of January with you today. This is my first monthly favorites post, & I don't want my favorites to just be beauty products. I want them to include all of my favorite things for that month. So, you'll get a little variety with these posts. 

    January was a pretty hectic month for me. I started my blog, woohoo! I kept my 2 year old baby sister for a week while my dad & stepmom went to Cancun. That was a little introduction to future motherhood, yeah that's going to be awhile. & I started exercising regularly, motivation! So, over my crazy busy month, I collected a few favorites, & here they are!

1. Mine to Hold; By: Shayla Black
This book was so good! I do need to say though, if you didn't like the 50 shades of Grey books, then you don't need to purchase this one. It's a bit spicy, but the love story overtakes all that jazz. 

2. Zumba Fitness & Toning
I've never enjoyed working out, honestly I'm just flat out lazy. But, I recently started going to a local gym to take Zumba classes with two of my cousins. We go every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday night, & Saturday morning. & I can definitely feel the soreness. I don't feel like it's such a workout since you're doing dance fitness. On toning days, we get to wave around those cool looking toning sticks you see above around. They are about 1 lb & they have tiny beads that make noise with the music as you workout, pretty fun I think!

3. Mary-Lou Manizer
This product is BEAUTIFUL. I use this almost everyday, as a highlighter and even a eyeshadow sometimes. & the packaging is just cute too boot. 

4. (MALIN+GOETZ) Mojito Lip Balm
I received this in my January Ipsy bag and I am really liking it! It's kinda thick but it definitely does the job. I always have problems with my lips being chapped, but this little tube of greatness has put a stop to that.

5. Flower Sheer Lip Tint
I was browsing around my local Walmart and I had heard some good things about the Flower line. So, I decided I would try some out for myself. I'm not really much of a lip product person. I just don't think any of them look good on me. But, I really do like this product. It's pretty pigmented, but I have the shade "Bare Blush" which is a nude pink, so I wear it quite a bit.

6. American Horror Story; Coven
I LOVE THIS SHOW. Period. I have enjoyed all of the past seasons too. It is pretty graphic, but that doesn't really bother me. If you like sci-fi things (ghost, aliens, witches, etc) & don't get offended easily, you'd really like this show. Sadly, the season finale was this past Wednesday, & I'm not sure when the next season will air. Hopefully soon! 

    Okay, there is my favorites for January. I hope you enjoyed it! I'd love to hear what some of your favorites for the month of January are! If you have post about it, make sure to leave it in a comment below so I can check it out! 

Until next time, 


  1. Can we talk about the owls for a second?!?!? Too cute! I am loving them! I hear great things about the Malin + Goetz but I didn't get that one. Great favorites doll thanks for sharing.

    1. I LOVE OWLS! haha! & thank you hun!

    2. I used to do Zumba and I absolutely loved it. It was so much fun. I will need to get back into it. Great favourites :)
      Yours Truly, NY